What is RentaUAS?

It is a global network the purpose of which is to connect supply and demand in the field of drones.


Who can register at RentaUAS?

Any drone operator, of any equipment use (Air - Sea - Earth).


Why might a drone owner be interested in RentaUAS?

We believe that every drone owner is interested in upgrading their equipment, in having an extra income or even a new career in a subject that pleases them. Each operator lays the groundwork for achieving the above goals by creating a global customer portfolio, via a simple registration process and at a minimal cost.


Why might someone else be interested in RentaUAS?

Anyone shall have a unique and special tool for the materialization of their needs, having the opportunity to select any spot on the planet and search for a drone operator.


Is there an age limit for user registration?

Each country determines the legal age of the drone operator, which the user must meet in order to be able to register in the network, in accordance with the terms of use of the website.


Is it necessary for the operator to be certified to register?

No. On the one hand, there are drone vehicles that do not require any certification (submarine drones, RC cars with gimbal cameras, etc.), on the other hand, registration can be done and when certification is obtained, the user can modify their account accordingly.


What kind of membership is there?

Membership is paid in a lump sum and is for life without any additional or future expenses.


Why do I pay this subscription?

RentaUAS is a new and up-and-coming network for drone operators and our goal is to expand to every corner of the globe. With your subscription, we are given the opportunity to increase the visibility of the website worldwide and, accordingly, to increase your clientele.


How exactly does the job offer process work?

The visitor chooses the wider area in which he wishes to be provided with the services and examine the options of operators that are presented to him, having the opportunity, if he wants, to filter accordingly (equipment, city, etc.). He then communicates with the available operators in the way they have chosen (eg. E-mail) and ask for an offer for the services he wishes to have.


Do I have the opportunity to refuse a proposal and, if so, what effect will this have?

Of course, it is possible for an operator to reject a proposal without any effect. Missions that meet the level, equipment and availability of the operator should be selected.


Is there any commission for RentaUAS in any mission?

Absolutely none. The purpose of RentaUAS is to bring supply and demand into contact. Negotiations and the completion of the mission are implemented between the interested parties alone.


I have no company. Can i register?

Yes. It is not required to own a company in order to register and execute a mission.


Who could be my potential customers?

Anyone in need of visual material (advertising and travel agencies, Real Estate offices, media, etc.), individuals, companies, organizations. The uniqueness of the wider area of ​​the operator, the specific equipment, the archive of an operator is the solution to a future need. Potential customers could be, also, drone services companies, as there may be a need for drone pilots in a specific area with specific equipment. Every day, new needs arise and drones are the ideal solution.


Is it necessary to carry out a new mission to accept a proposal?

No. The operator's archive from previous shots may satisfy the person concerned.


How can I complete the task assigned to me?

RentaUAS explicitly wishes that the execution of the missions be carried out with absolute safety, as defined by the local laws and the instructions of the competent authorities. It also wishes any financial transaction to be completely legal, in accordance with local laws. It is also possible to select the solution of selling material through respective sales platforms (eg Ebay), whenever possible, but the exact execution process is shaped by the agreement between the interested party and the operator and the local legal framework.


What are the terms of use and policy of RentaUAS?

You can see the terms of use and privacy policy HERE.