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Terms of use

1. The website www.rentauas.com belongs to the company OVERDRONE EU (hereinafter "The company"). The company offers its services through its website www.rentauas.com under the following terms and conditions:

Registered users and visitors of the website and services of the website www.rentauas.com must carefully read these terms, before use and not use the content and services provided, if they do not agree with them, since the use of the services implies the unconditional acceptance of these Terms.

2. www.rentauas.com aims at creating a database in which Operators of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems are registered (UAVS, hereinafter referred to as "drones"). This database is freely accessible by any third party, without payment. The goal of our website is to bring drones operators (hereinafter referred to as "registered users") into contact with third parties interested in using their services. Our company does not mediate or take any action in order to bring the Registered User in contact with any third party. Therefore, the company is not obliged to provide any other service than the aforementioned, it is in no way involved and it bears no responsibility whatsoever for any issues that may arise, as well as for claims of registered users or third parties from their participation or visit to www.rentauas.com. Likewise, it has no involvement and bears no responsibility for any claim, damage or loss that may arise between registered users and third parties, from services provided or for any other reason.

Registered users, by simply registering at www.rentauas.com, explicitly and unreservedly accept the present terms and consent to the use and processing of their personal data by the company and the retention of them in a register for the purpose of utilizing the network. They also waive any right to claim from the company to pay a fee or compensation for any reason.

3. Our website provides the information and data that is registered, just as stated by the Registered Users. Although our company takes every appropriate and reasonably expected measure, so that the data and information contained in www.rentauas.com are complete, accurate and reliable, in no way does it guarantee the correctness and reliability of the above data and it is not liable to the Registered Users, Visitors or third parties for any damage due to the incorrect or untimely nature of the information and data. Therefore, Visitors agree that they must evaluate the posted content and that they are responsible for any risk posed by the use of any content, including any decision to rely on the accuracy and validity of the information contained in www.rentauas.com and to use the services of one of the registered users.

4. This website may contain advertisements, as well as the display of other material with advertising content, purpose and character. It is explicitly stated that we are not liable to the Registered Users and / or Visitors, as well as to any third parties who are deemed to be affected by any illegal act or omission, inaccuracy or inability to comply with the law, in relation to the content of the advertisements.

5. Our company takes care to protect www.rentauas.com from digital viruses, but cannot guarantee that it will never be infected by viruses or malicious attacks by third parties. Each User and Visitor must take care of their own protection (using antivirus, virus scanner or other protection systems) before using www.rentauas.com or storing information, software or content on their terminal equipment.

6. Reproduction, republishing, storing, sale, transmission, issuance, distribution, translation, copying, uploading, by any means and in any way, in part or in summary of the content of www.rentauas.com without its prior permission, is expressly prohibited. Storing and copying parts of the content, for personal use, is excluded, expressly prohibiting, though, the commercial or other use of it.

The above Terms may be freely modified by www.rentauas.com at any time with a simple announcement on its pages. They are governed by Greek law, the Courts of Athens being competent for any dispute.

www.rentauas.com reserves the right to change the terms and therefore the user and the visitor are obliged to check for any changes, as any use after the change of the terms constitutes the unconditional acceptance of them.


Personal Data Protection

  1. The processing of personal data shall be in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of Europe (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the protection of personal data and their free movement, as amended and in accordance with the Community Directive 95/46 / EC ((UE.L Journal of Laws No. 119, item 1), hereinafter referred to as the "GDPR" (General Data Protection Regulation), as well as the relevant applicable law. Personal Data means the information that refers to an identified or identifiable natural person (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data").

  2. Each Visitor can browse www.rentauas.com without providing any personal information. The only information collected is anonymous information, such as the IP address of their computer, the day and time of the visit, and other similar non-personal information. These data are used only for the proper functioning of the website or for statistical purposes and do not contain any personal information of the Visitors.


What personal information do we use?

The company may process the Personal Data of the Registered User, which are provided by them when completing the Account Form, (namely: name, email address, contact phone number, address (street name and number, postal code, city, country). This data is collected following the voluntary express consent of the Registered User, for the purpose of concluding a contract between our Company and the Registered User. All this data is posted on www.rentauas.com, and is visible by any Visitor of www.rentauas.com.

The above Personal Data may also be processed on the following bases:

a. according to the applicable law, when the processing is deemed necessary in order for the company to fulfill its legal obligations, e.g. on the basis of tax or accounting provisions, in compliance with the Sales Agreements

b. for purposes other than those mentioned above and which stem from the legitimate interests of the Company or a third party, in particular to determine, support or defend itself against claims or for statistical analysis and market analysis.

Our company takes all necessary measures to protect the interests and data of the Registered Users and in particular to ensure that the data collected by them:

a) are subject to legal, fair and transparent data processing,

b) are collected for specific, explicitly defined and legal purposes, and are not subject to further processing, which is not in line with the above purposes,

c) are adequate, relevant and limited to the purposes for which they are being treated,

d) are correct and up-to-date, as required,

e) are maintained in such a way that it is possible to identify the subject exclusively for the period of time required in order to serve the purpose for which they were processed,

f) They are treated in such a way as to ensure, through the required technical measures and organizational structures, adequate security of Personal Data, including their protection against unauthorized or illegal processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage.

Data Controller

The controller is the OVERDRONE L.P. , which has its registered seat at Xenofontos 23 -25, Kallithea 17673, Attika Greece. Communication with the controller can be done either by registered letter to the above postal address or to the e-mail address famax@rentauas.com

Storage time

Personal data are stored for as long as necessary, depending on the intended processing in any specific case and, in any case, for 24 months after the termination of the contract between the company and the Registered User.

Your rights:

According to GDPR, you have the following rights:

a) be informed about the processing of your personal data

b) gain access to personal data concerning you

c) request the correction of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data

d) submit a request for the deletion of personal data when it is no longer necessary or if the processing is illegal

e) object to the processing of your personal data for commercial purposes or for reasons related to your particular situation

f) submit a request to limit the processing of your personal data in specific cases

(g) receive your personal data in a machine-readable format and send it to another data controller ("data portability").

h) submit a request so that decisions based on automated processing, concern or affect you to a significant degree and are based on your personal data, be made by individuals and not only by computers. You also have the right in this case to express your opinion and challenge the decision.

To exercise your rights, you can contact the data controller at the following e-mail famax@rentauas.com

Use of cookies

We use cookies on our website for the proper functioning of the website, for the provision of personalized functions, for the improvement and for the adaptation of advertising and other content, so that it reflects your special needs and interests. We also use cookies to gather statistics that allow us to understand how users are using our site and help us improve its structure and content.

Necessary and functionality cookies

These cookies are technically necessary to make the connection to the website or to provide the internet service you have requested. This category includes cookies that are used to identify and / or maintain the content that the Visitor enters during a session on a website throughout that connection, to connect the registered user to services that require authentication, for the safety of the user, for the maintenance of the user's options regarding the presentation of the website, e.g. language selection, search history storage, etc., as well as enabled cookies. These Cookies cannot be disabled. If you configure your browser to block the use of these cookies, the website or certain parts of it will not work.

Performance cookies

These cookies collect information about how visitors use the site, for example how many users have visited it, which pages of the site they visit most often, etc. These cookies collect aggregate information that does not directly identify a visitor. They are used exclusively to improve the operation of a website.

Targeting / advertising cookies

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